About DeCAGV

The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence was formed January, 2013 after the tragedy of Sandy Hook – twenty young children and six adults murdered by a mad man with guns. This was huge tragedy involving the loss of life with so much potential stamped out, which created unspeakable pain – all because of one man and guns. DE_state_smToo often we shake our heads and move on, but this time it is different. Enough is enough. We must remember that innocent people are shot every day and year in Delaware. This issue is not just about preventing mass shootings, but any shooting in our homes, neighborhoods and streets.

DeCAGV is not opposed to hunting, the second amendment or gun ownership.  The DeCAGV is opposed to the availability of military style weapons on our streets, the perpetuation of the myth that more guns means a safer state. We also oppose the cynical exploitation of citizens’ fears by the extremist leadership of the National Rifle Association who argue that somehow gun laws are a threat to their security and safety.


Since our founding, DeCAGV membership has grown continually, and includes parents, grandparents, students, gun owners and organizations and other like-minded citizens.

We are reaching out for membership statewide, and working with many Delaware groups and institutions to reduce violence all too prevalent in our communities.

DeCAGV Committees



  • Platform and political issue development
  • Lobbying
  • Neighboring state liaison
  • Press releases
  • Coalition  building
  • Member recruitment
  • Outreach to religious community
  • State, County, City and local outreach
  • Communication with membership
  • Community events
  • Networking
  • Speakers and presentations
  • Grass roots education
  • Research and benchmarking
  • School based programs
  • Cooperative programs with groups such as IMAC, Pacem in Terris, and Delaware Cener for Justice
  • Web site
  • Data base of members
  • Email campaigns
  • Data sheets
  • Prepared presentations
  • Fund raising

Contact Information

Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence
P. O. Box 883
Hockessin, DE 19707

Phone number: 302-635-0302

Email:  info@decagv.org

Website: www.decagv.org