Votes for Gun Safety

victory in WA DE copyDepending on your party or politics, yesterday’s election results can be viewed in a variety of different lights. But if you care about responsible solutions to gun violence, one thing is clear:

When given a choice, voters favor sensible gun safety laws.

That’s what happened in Washington State when ballot initiative I-594, expanding background checks to all gun sales, passed by a comfortable margin. The initiative movement started after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings—and gained steam when Washington state legislators failed to act to close the gun-show loophole. Despite (or perhaps because of) fierce NRA opposition, Washington voters took matters into their own hands and won a huge victory.

What does this show us?

  • I-594 was the only up-or-down vote on background checks this election cycle – and proved  that when Americans vote on common-sense public safety measures, gun safety wins.

  • The win in Washington shows elected officials in DC that if they don’t take action to prevent gun violence, Americans will take matters into their own hands. 

  • It also proves that while the gun lobby can bully politicians, they can’t bully the American people. 

It’s worth noting that Delaware’s legislature did not fail to act. It passed universal background checks and required reporting of lost or stolen guns during the 2013 session. DeCAVG will be active in the next legislative session, seeking additional common-sense approaches to the problem of gun violence in Delaware.


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