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Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock (1952). National Gallery of Australia

Effective communication is an essential tool for any organization with an important message—and DeCAGV has asked a communications class at the University of Delaware to study our electronic media. 

Please complete this 10-15 minute survey about our communication strategy. As a visitor on our website, we value your input and will be using the data to better our communication on digital platforms. We ask that you complete the survey by March 20, 2016.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Take Our Survey”

  1. I am a mother, who has to endure the agony and heartdreak of dealing with my son,my first born being chased down, shot and killed on the streets of Wilmington, DE. June 23 2015. I feel helpless I want to make sure that my son gets justice.Justice that he is well deserved. I have more down days than up days. This is too much for me,but when I’m up I want to be involved and give my input. On the ridiculous,senseless and horrifying deaths that occur due to gun violence. This (gun violence) should not even be an on going discussion nor should it be a debate. There are so many individuals in a position and in office where if anyone of them really care the number of shootings and the murders that are taking place would not be happening. These shootings and murders have been happening for quite some time now(years) and people with influences should have something set in stone and have made something permanent and effective so that this is no longer a problem. Where the heartbroken families of murder victims should not have to go through this and so that there are not anymore of these situations.

  2. To everything you have said I have one question. Why do you blame a tool for the users idiocy? Guns don’t kill people people do guns ARE A TOOL AND ONLY A TOOL. Gun control is a joke

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