Statement: Mike Barbieri, DeCAGV C3 Board Chair

Mike Barbieri, DeCAGV C3 Board Chair

Coretta Scott King stated “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members”. We have seen time and time again innocent students and heroic teachers gunned down in our schools.  Schools are supposed to be safe environments that focus on grooming our young people to be successful and productive adults.  In the two months of 2018 we have had eighteen school shootings and the best we can do is say we are praying for the community.  Prayers are good but actions are better.  If we care about our communities and our schools we need to fight to get programs in our schools and communities that help to develop a community of caring where we look out for each other and where we feel safe in saying something when we have a concern.  See something Say something is a national campaign to address terrorism and is relevant here.  This program makes it clear that informed and alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe.  We cannot rely on our public officials to take action.  They are caught up in fear of reelection and give the standard response “this is not the time to look at gun legislation”.  After eighteen school shootings this year and a mass killing in Las Vegas we still have not found the right time to address these issues.

It is clear that we cannot rely on our Federal Government for leadership and action.  They find excuses and spend time blaming but little on action.  They have worked hard to make sure AR15 are available to whoever wants one.  They oppose background checks and limited magazine sizes.  This inaction is irresponsible but seems to be the norm.  Delaware is fortunate to have good legislators but they are still struggling to make changes in our gun legislation.  Several Bills have been introduced to address the intersection between Mental Health and possession of guns.  It is important that we get these passed.  ACTION IS NECESSARY

Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence (DCAGV) has been working with our State legislators to get these laws passed.  In addition DCAGV has been working with National Organizations to get Evidenced Based programs into our schools and communities to strengthen them.  It is our belief that we must work with communities and school to change the culture that supports guns and gun violence.  Although we have not had a school shooting in Delaware Yet we have many of our young people dying from gun violence.  We cannot accept this as the new Norm but must fight to take back our schools and communities to make them safe and encouraging environments.

Please help us to get these programs in our schools and communities.  Reach out to your school superintendent and your community to request that they work with us to get programs like Sandy Hook Promise in our schools and join with the Everytown Moms program.

Again we must call up the words of Coretta Scott King “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members”.  We must have the compassion and the commitment to act.

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