Sandy Hook Mom Speaks

Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence shares full text of Nicole Hockley’s speech, delivered May 8, 2013, at the bill signing of House Bill 35

(Dover, DE) — Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence is pleased to share Nicole Hockley’s speech, delivered May 8, 2013, at the bill signing of House Bill 35, held in Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware:

Hello. My name is Nicole Hockley. I’m not a political person and have never done any lobbying before. Until recently, my primary role in life was being Mommy to my two sons.

But on 12/14, when my beautiful 6 year old boy, Dylan, was murdered in his first grade classroom alongside 19 of his friends and 6 of his educators, my role in life changed. While I will always remain a Mommy, I am now committed to doing all I can to make sure that no other parent, no other family has to go through what I’m going through, what other parents of Sandy Hook are going through and what nearly 4000 families are currently going through as a result of gun violence just since 12/14. And that death toll continues to increase every day.

I’m grateful that the people of Delaware, through their elected leaders, are taking a stand to make this state safer from gun violence.

This legislation to support background checks that the General Assembly has passed and that the Governor is signing into law today will spare Delaware families unimaginable heartache. And it will save lives without interfering with anyone’s Second Amendment rights.

Will it stop every crime? Of course not. But it will help to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and those who are dangerously mentally ill. In Delaware, criminals will no longer be able to bypass required background checks simply by purchasing a gun on the Internet or at a gun show, where sometimes no questions are asked. It’s a common sense solution and I applaud Delaware for making this important step forward.

But there is still more that Delaware can do to save lives and protect its people and children.

In Newtown, we learned the brutal truth about the devastation that high capacity magazines can cause. The person who killed my son carried ten – 30 round large capacity magazines … that is 300 rounds. He chose to leave his smaller capacity magazines at home. He chose to have the best kill rate possible by using high capacity magazines, which only exist to deliver as many bullets as possible in the shortest time frame. In approximately 4 minutes, he shot 154 bullets and killed 26 women and children. In an instant, my precious boy was gone.

But in the time it took him to reload in one of the classrooms, Dylan’s classroom, 11 children were able to escape. If the shooter’s magazines had held 10 rounds instead of 30, forcing the shooter to reload at least 6 more times, what opportunities would have been available for someone to disarm him, as we’ve seen in other tragedies. If he had had to reload more often, how many more children might be alive today? Maybe my Dylan would still be alive.

The General Assembly must pass House Bill 58 and limit high capacity magazines in Delaware.

Senate Bill 16, about reporting lost and stolen guns, is a very simple bill and it’s just plain common sense. We know many criminals get their guns by having other people buy them in so-called “straw purchases.” And when the guns are used in a crime and traced back, the purchaser, who obviously doesn’t want to tell the police that he actually bought the gun for a convicted criminal, just tells police that the gun was “lost” or “stolen.” All this bill says it that if you really have your gun lost or stolen, you have to report it so the police can help you get your property back. What law-abiding citizen would be against reporting stolen property to the police? There is no logical reason not to pass Senate Bill 16.

What happened in Newtown can happen anywhere. No community is immune. Any of you could be in my position. That’s why it’s important to make meaningful changes now. Don’t wait until it happens in your community before taking action.

I’m so grateful that Delaware is moving forward to keep its citizens safe and I want to express my thanks to the legislature, the Governor and the people of Delaware. Background checks are such an important and meaningful step forward and I encourage you to keep standing up for what you know is right. I hope the leaders of others states and the politicians in Washington are watching and will follow your lead.