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Gun Regulation

Americans for Responsible Solutions

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Cease Fire NJ

Maryland Against Gun Violence

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Neighborhood Partners to End Gun Violence

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence In Pennsylvania

Teens Against Guns


Gun Information Sources

Assault Weapon Manufactures

Five Federal Policies on Guns You’ve Never Heard Of – PBS

Gun Control Facts

Gun Laws in the US, by State

Gun Ownership by Country

Map of School Shootings in the US Over Time

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2012: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation


Media Commentary

10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down

Bill Moyers on Gun Violence

Bill Moyers:  The Raw Story on Gun Violence and Profit

Delaware Assault Weapons Proposed Legislation:  Gov. Markell and AG Biden

How the Gun-Control Movement Got Smart

How Walmart Helped Make the Newtown Shooter’s AR-15 the Most Popular Assault Weapon in America

Lack Of Up-To-Date Research Complicates Gun Debate : It’s All Politics : NPR

Legislative Handcuffs Limit A.T.F.’s Ability to Fight Gun Crime

More Guns = More Killing

Reframing the Gun Debate

Revolutionary Language – Patriot Groups

The Debacle of Gun Control

The N.R.A. at the Bench

The Nation’s Gun Policies Are All Over the Map

The NRA and the ‘Positive Good’ of Maximum Guns

The Second Amendment and Killing Kids

There Goes the Boom:  ATF – The Daily Show

Tiahrt Amendment:  House to Debate Renewal of Gun Tracing Limits

Unmasking the NRA’s Inner Circle

Nicholas Kristof on Gun Violence


Academic Research

Gun Economy Facts

Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research

Second Amendment:  Cornell Legal Information Institute

Statement on Gun Violence, American Anthropological Association