Voter Guide on Gun Safety

Gun Violence Prevention is Focus of New DeCAGV Voter Guide

“We believe that voters want to know where candidates stand.”

The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence will publish the state’s first-ever voter information guide to gun safety issues. It will be distributed to Delaware voters in summer 2016, in advance of the state’s September 13 primary election.

A questionnaire will give candidates for legislative office the opportunity to indicate their positions on a variety of gun safety issues. Using each candidate’s responses to the questionnaire—and incumbent candidates’ previous voting history—DeCAGV will give voters the information they need about where candidates stand on preventing gun violence.

The voter guide will touch on issues currently before the Delaware General Assembly as well as larger national issues regarding gun safety. Candidates will be given the opportunity to explain their positions on issues ranging from extending the waiting period for the completion of background checks to making persons on the federal terriorist watch list ineligible to purchase firearms.

“The emphasis will be on commonsense measures to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people while still protecting the rights of responsible and law-abiding citizens,” said George Higgins, executive director of the group. “We believe that voters want to know where candidates stand on gun violence prevention, and we intend to provide that information before this fall’s elections.”

With more than 3,500 active supporters, the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence is the only statewide organization devoted exclusively to gun violence prevention and improved public safety while at the same time respecting the Second Amendment. The non-partisan statewide coalition of parents, teachers, clergy, grandparents, doctors, nurses, friends, gun owners, and like-minded groups and individuals is united to:

  • help safeguard our citizens and communities.
  • address the root causes of gun violence.
  • promote sensible laws that help prevent gun violence in our homes and communities