End of Year Reflection – Sarah Stowens, Delaware Moms Demand Action

As a year comes to its end, it is natural to look back and to look forward. For the Delaware chapter of Moms Demand Action, we reflect on the year that has been and know that such important and meaningful work has been done.
The Governor signed important pieces of legislation into law this year including the Lethal Violence Protection Order which our organization worked tirelessly to champion. We elected 12 gun sense candidates to state and federal positions, and we grew our local groups and our volunteer base by hundreds. We held celebratory events like the Wear Orange Party in the Park and more somber, reflective events like the Interfaith Sandy Hook Memorial Vigil. We worked with neighbors, friends, community partners, and lawmakers alike. We marched, we rallied, and we showed up.
2018 was also, however, marred by tragedy. The shootings in Parkland, Thousand Oaks, and the Tree of Life Synagogue were just three in the over three hundred mass shootings our country experienced. And our homocides, suicide by gun, and accidental shootings also continued to take 96 American lives per day. The men, women, boys, and girls of this country who died in daily gun violence or mass shootings die too soon and their names often get forgotten as the list of victims grows.
So, why be hopeful for the coming year? Because we will continue to fight tirelessly for common sense gun legislation with the gun sense legislators in Dover. Because Delaware has more Moms Demand Action volunteers than it ever has before. Because students across our state are taking a stand and saying “Not one more.”  Because doctors are speaking up and so are teachers and everyone else who is fed up. Because we have the opportunity to talk with even more people this coming year about responsible gun ownership and because we continue to come together and use the shared strength of many to speak up.  If you would like to join us, please text JOIN to 644-33 or email delaware@momschapterleaders.org.
Happy New Year,
Sarah Stowens
Delaware Moms Demand Action

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