CDC Report Featured at Culture of Peace Forum

WITN Video Captures Culture of Peace Forum

Secretary Rita Landgraf at the Jan. 9 Movement for a Culture of Peace forum.

A report on gun violence in Wilmington by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was the subject of an educational forum sponsored by the Movement for a Culture of Peace (MCP) on Jan. 9.

A video of the forum was recently posted on Wilmington’s WITN Channel 22.  The full CDC report can be downloaded here: cdcfinalreport.pdf.

The forum focused on the CDC report and on another report that addresses law enforcement’s response to the high murder rate in Wilmington.

DeCAGV is a founding partner of MCP.

Panelists included Secretary Rita Landgraf of the Department of Human and Social Services and two state legislators from Wilmington: Sen. Margaret Rose Henry and Rep. Stephanie T. Bolden.

The legislators emphasized that the City of Wilmington needs to adopt the recommendations of the Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission, which studied the role of law enforcement in combating violence that has plagued Delaware’s largest city for the past decade.

Landgraf gave details of a recent report by the CDC that traced a series of underlying events and factors in the lives of children and youth that are predictive of the later commission of gun crimes.

She advocated for earlier intervention in the lives of young men in areas such as employment, health care, education, and social services to prevent these crimes.



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