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ACTION NEEDED to pass Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act (March 26 update)

What an incredible weekend. The students who marched in Washington, in Wilmington, in Rehoboth Beach and in hundreds of cities across America showed incredible poise, strength of character and courage in the face of adversity. We could not have been prouder to share the stage with them in Rodney Square this weekend and talk about the legislation moving through the General Assembly this year.

There is still time to speak out in support of these students this weekend. CLICK HERE to send a message to your representatives and tell them you stand with them in the name of common-sense gun reform. #Enough


  • Governor Carney, Sen. Townsend and Rep. Longhurst announced legislation (SB 163) that would ban the sale, transfer and possession of assault-style weapons in Delaware. (Read more.)
  •  HB 330 to raise the legal age for firearm sales passed the House 24-16. It now moves to the Senate, where they will hold a committee meeting this week. (Read more.)


The Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act (HB 302) is scheduled to come to the floor of the house on Tuesday. This bill will allow mental health workers to alert law enforcement about patients who have indicated that they intend to harm themselves or others, and gives law enforcement a process to temporarily remove firearms from their possession. NOW is the time to take action. The House will vote THIS TUESDAY.

We have created a quick form that will help you reach out to your representative right now: CLICK HERE. Phone calls are also VERY effective. Your representative’s phone number is also included in this link. Please take two minutes to make your voice heard.

COME TO DOVER: A Senate committee hearing on HB 330 to raise the legal age to purchase firearms is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28. This is the time to testify in favor of the bill. We need Delawareans to join us in Dover on Wednesday to speak about why Delaware needs HB 330. (Interested in testifying but want to know more? Let us know at

Want to know more about the bills? Click on each number for the specific language:

HB 174HB 222HB 300HB 302HB 330 • SB 163

March For Our Lives – Washington, DC

Washington DC March For Our Lives

  • The March For Our Lives Rally will take place on
    Pennsylvania Avenue, between 3rd and 12th street NW.

  • The march will begin on Saturday, March 24th at 12:00 PM.

Pedestrian entrances are located at:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street, NW
  • Constitution Avenue and 7th Street, NW
  • Indiana Avenue and 7th Street, NW

Click here for more information about the march.

Learn more here about lodging for those travelers staying in DC for the March For Our Lives.

March For Our Lives – Wilmington, Delaware

Delaware March For Our Lives

  • The march will go from Howard High School to Rodney Square, where there will be a rally to follow.
  • The march will start at 10:00 am and the rally at Rodney Square will begin around 11:00 am and run until around 2:00pm.
  • The rally will include music, informational vendors educating the public on ways we can prevent gun violence in Delaware, and speakers ranging from the students who helped organize the march to some of the sponsors of current gun legislation.

Learn more here about the march in Wilmington, Delaware.

The First Unitarian Church is organizing a bus to downtown
Wilmington for the march. Register here.

Trump’s Backtracking on Gun Proposals – NYT Opinion

“In saying that the proposal to raise the age limit on purchases of assault weapons had “not much political support (to put it mildly),” President Trump fails a key test of presidential leadership. In his seminal work “Presidential Power,” Richard Neustadt concluded that the power of the president is the “power to persuade.”

Significant public support exists for improvements in gun safety. Rather than mobilizing the public, the president retreats. In the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook, I worked with courageous members of Delaware’s General Assembly to pass key pieces of gun safety legislation, including closing the gun show loophole. The margin of victory in these votes was surprisingly small given the public support.

The support of former Attorney General Beau Biden and Lt. Gov. Matt Denn demonstrated what leaders can accomplish even in the face of legislative resistance. If only President Trump were to follow their lead.


The writer was governor of Delaware from 2009 to 2017.”

Erik Raser-Schramm appointed executive director

Wilmington, DE – The boards of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence (DeCAGV) are pleased to announce Erik Raser-Schramm has joined the coalition as its new executive director.

Raser-Schramm is managing partner of The Twelve Seven Group, a consulting firm specializing in issue advocacy and grassroots organization. He has worked as a political strategist in Delaware for more than 10 years, including as chief of staff for the House Majority Caucus in the Delaware House of Representatives, as campaign manager for Jack Markell’s 2006 campaign for state treasurer, and as chair of the New Castle County Democratic Committee. He serves on the board of the Kind to Kids Foundation, and has previously sat on the board of the Equality Forum and on the Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service.

“Erik’s varied nonprofit and political positions make him uniquely qualified to grow a grassroots organization, build a coalition with other organizations, work with members of the legislature to pass sensible gun laws, and advance public knowledge and opinion on the issue of reducing gun violence,” said Liane Sorenson, chair of the DeCAGV Educational Fund Board of Directors. “The boards of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence and the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence Educational Fund both look forward to working with Erik to address the issue of gun violence in Delaware.”

Matt Sullivan has also joined the staff as communications director. Sullivan brings nearly two decades of communications experience, graduating from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and working for 14 years in the newspaper industry as a reporter and editor, and more recently as a communications consultant with a variety of nonprofit and political clients. He has worked to create and grow events as diverse as TEDxWilmington, the Delaware Burger Battle and the Delaware Economic Summit.

George Higgins will remain on the staff of DeCAGV as executive director emeritus.