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Birth of a Voice – Dan Maas, DeCAGV

In 2018, too many lives across the country were taken from us by violence.
As the scope of terror sweeps the nation and focuses to target more in its sights, we are faced with the certainty that it can happen to us.
Through the tragedy and suffering, something special happened – a new voice was born. This voice, one of compassion and truth, started softly but grew in strength, and now cannot be ignored.
In 2019, the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence Educational Fund is excited to amplify and support the youth’s galvanizing voice to affect positive change and improve quality of life throughout the state.
To keep the momentum moving forward we need your help. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.
Please, click here to to make your donation now.
Thank you for considering us for your year-end donation.
-Dan Maas, DeCAGV