The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence consists of two nonprofit organizations governed by separate boards of directors. An Educational Fund [501(c)3] serves to raise public awareness of gun violence and explore ways to address the cultural, social, and economic problems that aerating the underlying causes of such violence. A Legislative Fund [501(c)4] proposes and advocates for public policies and legislation to reduce gun violence.

Contributions to the Educational Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Contributions to the Legislative Fund are not tax deductible.

DeCAGV Educational Fund Board of Directors 

Liane Sorenson (Chair)
Chaz Molins (Vice-Chair)
Jerry Holt (Treasurer)
Medard Gabel (Secretary)

Rep. Michael Barbieri
Rep. Paul Baumbach
Robin Brinkley-White
Bruce Gillette
Elder Ty Johnson

DeCAGV Legislative Fund Board of Directors 

Dennis Greenhouse (Chair)
Jack Polidori (Vice-Chair)
Jerry Holt (Treasurer)
Medard Gabel (Secretary)

Darryl Scott
Stephanie Bolden
Darius Brown
David Chen

DeCAGV Staff

Erik Raser-Schramm (Executive Director)
George Higgins (Executive Director Emeritus)
Matt Sullivan (Communications Director)
Ryan Phillips (Intern)

Contact: info@decagv.org

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