The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence consists of two nonprofit organizations governed by separate boards of directors. An Educational Fund [501(c)3] serves to raise public awareness of gun violence and explore ways to address the cultural, social, and economic problems that aerating the underlying causes of such violence. A Legislative Fund [501(c)4] proposes and advocates for public policies and legislation to reduce gun violence.

Contributions to the Educational Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Contributions to the Legislative Fund are not tax deductible.

DeCAGV Educational Fund Board of Directors 

Rep. Michael Barbieri (Chair)
Liane Sorenson (Vice-Chair)
Chaz Molins (Vice-Chair)
Jerry Holt (Treasurer)
Medard Gabel (Secretary)

Rep. Paul Baumbach
Robin Brinkley-White
Bruce Gillette
Elder Ty Johnson

DeCAGV Legislative Fund Board of Directors 

Dennis Greenhouse (Chair)
Jack Polidori (Vice-Chair)
Jerry Holt (Treasurer)
Medard Gabel (Secretary)

Darryl Scott
Stephanie Bolden
Darius Brown
David Chen
Lisa Goodman

DeCAGV Staff

Daniel Maas (Executive Director)
George Higgins (Executive Director Emeritus)
Zach Maas (Communications Director of C3)
Matt Sullivan

Contact: info@decagv.org

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