The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence was formed January, 2013, after the tragedy of Sandy Hook—twenty young children and six adults murdered by a madman with guns. This was a huge tragedy that created unspeakable pain, all because of one man and lethal weapons.

DE_state_smToo often we shake our heads and move on, but this time was different. Enough was enough.

We also remember that dozens of innocent people are shot every year in Delaware. This issue is not just about preventing mass shootings, but any shooting in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. We are working to create and sustain safety and peace in our small state.

DeCAGV is not opposed to hunting, the Second Amendment, or responsible gun ownership.  We are opposed to the ready availability of military style weapons on our streets and the perpetuation of the myth that more guns means a safer community.

We also oppose the cynical exploitation of citizens’ fears by the extremist leadership of the National Rifle Association who argue that sensible gun regulation is a threat to their security and safety.

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  1. Dear Phyllis,

    Apologies for the late reply. We will add you to the distribution list and also keep in mind that we publish a biweekly newsletter about firearm-related news in Delaware and across the country.

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